How to Clean Hazy Double Pane Windows

Windows are a pleasure to look at when they are spot free. How do you clean double pane windows?

If you have double-pane windows, you should keep them in good condition. Condensation can form when moisture becomes trapped between the two panes of double-glazed windows. This is not ideal and may be unappealing.

Fortunately, there are simple methods for cleaning inside double-paned windows!

This post will lead you through the steps necessary to keep your magnificent double-glazed windows clean.

Why Do They Develop a Haze?

Because of their structure, double-pane windows are prone to fogging up on the inside. Fogged double pane windows appear unclean and may severely reduce visibility.

Double-pane windows are comprised of two panes of glass joined by an airtight seal. This seal is designed to retain air inside and act as an insulator. If this seal is compromised, condensation and grime may leak through. 

At the same time, the airtight seal may make cleaning the two panes difficult because you do not want to remove them to clean within them.

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How to Remove the Haze?

There are two approaches that can be taken to remove any haze that has formed.

Drill a Hole in the Window

The first option is to drill a hole in the window. If you are unsure about operating a drill, skip this step and consider hiring an expert instead. You do not want to break or damage your window.

Drilling a few holes in the glass allows you to insert a tiny desiccate package into the gap between the two panes to absorb any stored moisture.

The holes allow you to clean the pane with isopropyl rubbing alcohol as well.

If the dirt remains after washing your windows, you may need to get inventive and create a device to thread through the openings and wipe away the filth. A drain snake made of wool fiber is always a fantastic handcrafted cleaning tool!

As previously indicated, if dirt or dampness collects between your double-paned windows, the seal is broken. If you’re not sure where the break is, we recommend against closing the drilled holes because the moisture and dirt will return and you’ll have to clean inside the double pane windows again.

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Eliminate the Moisture

If moisture is your only issue, this method will work.

To remove moisture, place a dehumidifier near the window, a moisture absorber along the bottom border, or a space heater near the window.

While this will help remove the moisture between the two panes of glass, it will not remove dirt from the inside of the window.

What Caused the Seal to Break?

Insulated glass windows work extremely well in general. They can withstand all types of weather, including extreme cold, heat, and humidity. The double seal that comes with double-pane windows provides the advantage of retaining the line for a period of time if one seal fails.

However, as the window ages, all of its components will begin to fail. Double-pane windows normally have a life expectancy of 10 to 20 years.

Seals may crack due to water retention in the frame or insufficient drainage around the window.

The more sunlight your window receives, the more heat accumulates, causing the panes to expand, compress, and eventually break.

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How to Clean the Rubber Seals

Another part of your windows that should be maintained clean is the rubber seals. Strong chemicals should be avoided because they will most likely cause discoloration and seal flaking.

The simplest, cheapest, and most effective way to clean rubber seals on double-glazed windows is to use warm soapy water.

Wipe the rubber seals down with a soft cloth only, as wire wool or scouring brushes may leave marks and cause unsightly damage.

How to Clean the Window Frames

Wiping down the frames with warm soapy water is usually enough to clean them.

If yours are a little older, adding vinegar to your water may assist in getting rid of the grime. After spraying your window frames, wait 10 minutes. This allows the vinegar to remove any dust or grit from your window frames. The water and vinegar mixture can then be removed using a clean, dry towel.

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Should You Hire a Professional?

If you are unsure about any aspect of the process, especially drilling the glass, you should contact an expert.

Glass drilling requires skill and experience. If you do it incorrectly, it might cause a large break in your glass or, worse, an injury to you. A professional will help you avoid either. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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