How to Clean Your UGG Slippers

Want to restore your cozy UGG slippers? We’ll show you how!

General wear and tear is an unfortunate reality for the life of your UGGs. Wearing your favorite pair of slippers on a regular basis will most likely cause them to look rough and dingy. 

Yet, there is nothing more dreading than a pair of UGGs that have lost their stylish look and started to show salt stains. Oftentimes they begin to have an unpleasant odor after being used for a season.

Many UGG lovers are trying to figure out how they can clean their beloved slippers. Thankfully, there are various methods that can be used to clean the stubborn stains make them look fresh and clean again. 

From store-bought cleaning kits to consulting a cleaning professional, there are many options to consider when attempting to remove pesky stains from your UGGs so you can wear them with pride. 

Why is It Important to Use The Right Cleaning Method?

UGGs are unique in that they have a soft outer shell and a warm sheepskin liner, features that are not typically seen in typical durable leather boots. This is what sets them apart from other boots and slippers. 

As a result of this design, they tend to be more delicate than most standard shoes and should be cleaned with care to avoid damage.

Simply scrubbing away with household detergents, using chlorine bleach, or throwing them into the washing machine could result in unsatisfactory results, such as discoloration, unsightly wear, and in extreme cases, could render your UGGs unwearable. 

By carefully examining the options listed below and selecting the appropriate cleaning method for your situation, you will be much more likely to get better results and clean your UGGs without damaging them.

Best Cleaning Methods

1. UGG Cleaning Kit  

As the name suggests, this cleaning kit will provide you with all of the necessary products to make your slippers appear like new again. This kit provides a special brush, sponge, and microfiber cloth, as well as a cleaning spray, a conditioner, and a protective solution to ensure that your UGGs can remain fresh and clean. 

Although this cleaning method is somewhat pricey, it supplies you with many helpful solutions and specialized tools to get you great results. 

The kit allows you to hand-clean your slippers and gives you a great amount of control, so you can focus on wiping away a stubborn dirt spot or scuff marks, all while avoiding unwanted streaking and water stains. 

Look into a suede cleaning kit for a cheaper alternative that can provide you with similar results. These kits will also include a suede brush as well as a special cleaning solution. Although, for the best possible results, I still recommend that you use a specific UGG sheepskin cleaner. 

A pair of brown ugg boots.

2. Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a fantastic option for washing delicate and expensive clothing that you would like to spare from the unnecessary damage that traditional cleaning techniques may cause. UGGs have a delicate sheepskin interior, and as a result, may benefit greatly from this tried and true method of low-impact cleaning. 

Dry cleaning is sure to destroy bacteria and leave you with a nice pair of clean UGG slippers. For example, if your slippers have excessive salt stains, grease stains, or have developed an unpleasant odor due to bacteria, dry cleaning may be a great choice. 

Be sure that the dry cleaner you choose feels comfortable with cleaning your UGGs to minimize confusion and ensure your satisfaction with the result. 

UGG Cleaning Methods to Avoid Completely

Washing Machine 

Do not use a standard wash and dry cycle when cleaning UGGs, as the excessive heat that they will be exposed to can severely damage your shoes. The glue that holds the sole of your UGGs to the rest of the shoe may come loose, and the entire structure of your slippers may change when exposed to hot water and high temperatures. 

It may seem tempting to try solutions like a delicate washing cycle and air drying if your UGGs are very dirty, but it is strongly advised that you avoid a washing machine entirely. By steering clear of the washing machine, you can help ensure that your shoes remain in the best condition possible.

Two black washing machine inside the laundry room

 Standard Shoe Cleaners

With so many potential shoe cleaning methods at your disposal, it can be difficult to make the right choice when attempting to clean your UGGs. It is vital that you avoid standard boot cleaning kits or harsh shoe polish as these are designed for tough materials like leather and will cause damage to your UGGs. 

Also, avoid typical household cleaning solutions like isopropyl alcohol, white vinegar, or bleach, as these compounds are very harsh and will be sure to leave unwanted stains on the surface of your slippers. 

As stated previously, it is best to use gentle cleaning methods first, like the UGG cleaning kit, before attempting anything more drastic. This way, you can be sure to keep your UGGs in top condition. 

Sustainable shoe polishing materials like brushes.

How To Keep Your Them Clean

Daily use will inevitably expose your UGGs to unwanted elements that could potentially damage them. Since they are made out of a delicate sheepskin suede material, they are particularly vulnerable to water spots and staining. 

Luckily, you can purchase a UGG protection spray to mitigate the effects of

further grime and wear after you have effectively cleaned them. Typically a protection spray will be included in a standard UGG cleaning kit or it can be purchased separately if you desire. 

To apply the protection spray, be sure that your slippers are adequately cleaned before applying the spray, and then carefully apply it, remaining about six inches away from the outer surface of your slippers. 

After application, use a gentle suede brush, a tool also included in a standard UGG cleaning kit, to apply the protection spray, moving with the grain of the sheepskin suede. 

Two people walking in the forest in their boots during autumn.

You are sure to get great results when cleaning your UGG boots by choosing between the options mentioned above, depending on your preferences, and the level of cleaning required. It is vital that you also keep up with the application of UGG protection spray to prevent unwanted damage in the future.

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