8 Staircase Wall Decorating Ideas

Your staircase wall is an opportunity to showcase your design aesthetic. How can you decorate the area?

If you have a multiple-story house, you’ve probably asked yourself, “what do I do with this huge wall space?” Decorating a staircase wall can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to stick with a specific interior design style. You want it to look great, but you want to keep it low maintenance and practical.

Fortunately, there are many ways to create a breathtaking display over the stairs. An important thing to focus on is keeping this space clutter-free and bright. When you walk through the door and see the stairs, you want to feel welcomed up to the next level. 

Keeping things light and fun in this space can help you achieve that and turn your boring staircase into one of your favorite spots in the house. 

Here are a few ideas to inspire you!

1. Fun wallpaper 

If you don’t want to hang things on the wall over the stairs, you can install a fun wallpaper! This prevents getting out the ladder every time you want to change a picture or piece of decor, and it looks great. 

Wallpaper is making a huge comeback, so you can find just the style you’re looking for regardless of your interior design preference. You can keep it simple by adding wallpaper that looks like shiplap or brick, or you can use a moody color with bright flowers to add interest to the space. 

Either way, the wallpaper can stand alone and prevent you from spending any additional money on decor or having to change out family photos every few years. 

Plain white walls all over the house

2. Strategically Placed Pictures 

In most homes, the staircase wall seems to be moving up towards the second or third story of the house, creating a climbing illusion. You can have fun with this and strategically place your photos in an escalating pattern. 

The photos can stay evenly spread out, and you can choose to add just three or four, or you can create a wow moment and add several associated images. Using the same picture frame will enhance this illusion and keep things tied together, even if each photo is different. 

simple staircase with a wooden railings

3. Incorporate Unique Lighting 

Whether the staircase is tucked between two walls or open to the living area, you can add unique lighting the enhance this area. If the stairs are nestled in the corner of the home, consider adding sconce lighting to brighten up the space and add an authentic touch. This will make the space feel larger and it’s a great addition if you move between levels of the house at night.

If they’re open to the living area, you can add pendant lighting or a fun chandelier to create a dramatic moment while receiving functional light. Choose a fixture that speaks to your interior style and take the opportunity to find something unique to add charm and character to the home. 

Beautiful modern staircase with a ceiling light

4. Large Piece of Art 

Keeping large areas clutter-free is important, especially in a tight space such as this one. Using just one large piece of art could be the perfect addition. It gives this space some character but doesn’t feel cluttered or distracting. 

You could use a large oil painting, a canvas print of your favorite photo, or a large abstract piece of art. The possibilities are endless, and since this space is likely very large, you’ll have the ability to choose something meaningful. 

face portrait art against a dark wall by the staircase
Black living room interior with a staircase, a white armchair, a loft window and a potted tree. A vertical poster. 3d rendering mock up

5. Textured Walls

Hanging photos or displaying decor isn’t for everyone. If you like to keep things simple and chic, you can add texture instead. Adding board and batten or wainscotting by the staircase is the perfect way to enhance the space without hanging anything on the wall.

These textures will look great in the large space and make your home feel sophisticated. It’s also a great way to add home value and add charm while working on a budget.

entryway staircase with arched door frames

6. Add A Window 

Although it might not be possible in every home, adding a window above the staircase would completely transform this area. If you have the opportunity, add a window either on the wall adjacent to or next to the stairs to add much-needed natural light. 

The light from the windows will open this space up and help it feel authentic and relaxing. It can make narrow staircases feel wider and add value to your home. You might need some extra money upfront, but it’s a renovation that will pay off in the end. 

wooden staircase by a tall window

7. Small Mirror Arrangement 

Mirrors are a great way to add different dimensions and shapes to any space. Adding a small arrangement of mirrors could be a great way to add character and include different shapes to this area. 

You can choose some to match your interior design style by adding antique frames for traditional homes or using sleek metal frames in modern or contemporary homes. This could be a fun way to decorate this large space, and if you have little ones in the house, it could help you keep an eye on them as they’re going up or down the stairs. 

simple white stair decorated by wedding flowers

8. Incorporate Small Plant Holders 

Adding diverse plants is always a great way to freshen up a space and add a pop of color. Using small floating shelves or woven plant holders, you can add plants to the area above the staircase. 

This adds a pop of natural color, and it could help the space feel authentic and airy. You can even stagger the positions to make them easily accessible for water and pruning. Small succulents or air plants would be a perfect addition and help your home feel relaxing and inviting. 

Jessica Childres
Jessica Childres is a Georgia native and former teacher. She loves to share her skills, knowledge and passion with others. She has an ongoing interest in real estate, home decorating, and design.
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