Considerations for Creating a Sauna Room in Your House

Having a sauna in your house is an amazing experience. What should you take into consideration?

If you enjoy using a sauna, you may be shocked to learn that there are numerous benefits. Consider building a sauna in your home so you can use it frequently.

Furthermore, if you have your own, you can customize it. Include relaxing features, which we shall go into in further detail below.

So, what are you waiting for? Use my advice to design the ideal sauna for your home.

Why Use a Sauna?

One of the biggest reasons to use a sauna is just because you can! It can be a fun and relaxing way to enjoy your morning or evening. Many different things are fighting for our attention in our current society. Carving out time to sit in a hot room helps us release tension and be mindful of the present time.

If enjoying it is not enough, there are several other potential health benefits.

As I already said, saunas help improve people’s moods. This has been a consistent finding in several studies over the years.

Heat and sweat both contribute to water loss in the body. While water is necessary for the body to function, losing it can help wrestlers and martial artists shed a significant amount of water weight without the need to overexert themselves during match preparation.

By forcing you to sweat, the hot air can help open previously closed pores in the skin that are so clogged that regular washing cannot easily unclog them. Instead, the pores can be forced open by sweat.

They are also beneficial to the heart. They raise heart rates without the need for physical activity. That is, you can have a cardiovascular workout without actually exercising.

sauna with modern finishes and good lighting

Wood Burning Heater vs. Electric Heater vs. Infrared Heater

All of these different types of heaters have their own strengths and weakness.

I personally recommend using a wood-burning or electric heater. It has more research behind it and scientific benefits. It typically can get a room to a higher temperature in a shorter amount of time. 

If you want to get into the nitty-gritty details, IR-heated rooms are not considered saunas. By definition, a sauna is a room that is heated to between 150 and 195 degrees Fahrenheit, and the temperature and humidity of the room can be controlled by sprinkling water on the rocks in the heater or stove.

Infrared rooms are better termed “heat therapy rooms.” Rather than heating the air or stones, the heating devices or emitters in infrared heat therapy rooms reflect the heat straight to the person’s body.

5 Additional Considerations When Creating Your Room

TV On a Wall Across the Room

One design concept is to install glass doors and hang a TV across the room. This allows you to unwind in your sauna while watching your favorite show.

Connect a Bluetooth speaker to your TV and place it inside your sauna so you can easily hear it.

Alternatively, instead of a TV, install Bluetooth speakers inside and play some soothing music or sounds.

Sauna indoor small television

Colorful LED lights

Put some LED lights in your room. These lights might help to enhance the ambiance of the room. Choose a hue that corresponds to your current state of mind.

Many people believe that different colored LED lights can have varying effects on your health and emotions. For example, if you want to become calm, try turning the lights blue. Alternatively, if you wish to activate your creativity, turn on the orange lights.

There is also evidence that exposing oneself to green LEDs can help to reduce chronic pain.

Sauna interior with blue LED lights

Clothing Hooks Can Be Very Helpful

Install some attractive but low-cost clothing hangers in the same room so you may hang up your clothes instead of laying them on the floor. Or, at the very least, have a table or chair where you can hang your clothes.

Clothing hooks with empty hangers

A Rack for Towels

Add a wooden towel rack to your room to give it a luxury spa-like vibe. Fill the rack with clean white cotton towels to dry yourself with or to spread on the wooden seats before you sit down.

To make it even more upscale, lay a wooden tray atop the towel rack and put eucalyptus-soaked hand towels on the tray. You’ll have a minty-fresh towel to wipe away your sweat when you’re finished with your session.

Make Sure There Is a Shower Nearby

When determining where to put your sauna, consider whether or not a shower is nearby. That way, when you’re done sweating, you can jump right into the shower instead of having to trudge around the house.

Some folks will even put in a little shower next to the sauna in the same room!

Sauna with a nearby bathroom and shower
Jessica Childres
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