6 Pegboard Organizing Ideas

Pegboards are functional but can also serve as a beautiful aesthetic. Are you incorporating it appropriately?

Home storage can be extremely difficult, especially if several people live in one house. Sometimes, you have to get creative to develop solutions that will actually fit your needs.

Using a Pegboard is an innovative and inexpensive way to meet your needs. It can be done as a DIY project or bought from various retailers online. 

The beauty of it is it’s completely customizable. You can make it as big or small as you want it, and you can put the pegs wherever you need them. 

When you have multiple kids, you need a place to hand coats and backpacks without throwing everything in a dingy closet. 

This is a beautiful and unexpected option to hang school items or jackets by the door, and you can adjust the number of pegs and their height as your needs evolve. 

Here are a few of my favorite pegboard storage ideas for each room of the house.

1. Kitchen 

One of the main places in the house that needs as much storage as it can get is the kitchen. Coming up with extra storage in the kitchen is difficult and can often come off as tacky. 

Using a pegboard by your stove is the perfect solution for pots, pans, spatulas, even coffee mugs. 

You can paint the pegboard any color you need to match your style, and with strong enough pegs, your storage options are limitless. 

If you don’t want this to stand out in your kitchen, use the side of the refrigerator to hold the pegboard and keep your storage there. It’s out of the way and a bit less noticeable. 

White kitchen pegboard with utensils
kitchen utensils and shelves on pegboard

2. Bedroom 

Kid’s bedrooms never seem to have enough storage, no matter how big the closet is. If you have multiple kids and are running out of storage options or ideas, try a pegboard! 

This can store pens, pencils, paint, legos, and pretty much anything else. You can set up glass jars held in place by the pegs and store just about anything. Let your kids have fun with this space and incorporate their favorite colors, posters, or decorations. 

You can even use this as a way to adapt decoration in your kids’ bedrooms. Their ideas and interests are constantly evolving, so using a pegboard as an accent wall allows you to change up the decorations without adding any holes to the wall. 

lightwood pegboard, hanging bags and hats

3. Mudroom 

Using a mudroom for storage is great until everything gets piled up and lost in one big pile. Avoid this mess by using practical storage on the wall. 

The pegboard storage solution allows you to hang up all coats, scarves, and hats without piling them on top of each other. 

Since it’s completely customizable, you can have as many pegs as you need to meet the needs of your family. You can even use this technique to organize your pet gear and keep collars, leashes, and other items in one convenient location.

Even during the summer months, when all of the cold weather gear is tucked away, you can use this as a place to add a pop of color like a bright yellow hat or vibrant red rain jacket. 

Yellow painted wall with wooden pegboard

4. Garage 

The garage is an often forgotten space of the house that needs multiple places for storage. 

Traditional garage storage solutions might have even been what started this trend! It’s easy to install on your garage wall and completely customizable to make the space unique to your needs. 

Using a pegboard allows you to store your hammer, drill, levels, clippers, and so much more. Its versatile, sturdy, and convenient. You can hang the tools you use most, saving you time on your projects. 

It’s also an easy DIY project or a click away from tons of online retailers. 

Workspace overhead large pegboard

5. Office/Craft Room 

Incorporating a pegboard organizer is a great option, whether you have a home office, craft room, or a catch-all room. 

As an office, it’s the perfect place to arrange inspiration, calendars, family photos, and work memos. You can rearrange as many times as you want without putting extra holes in the walls, which is a great feature of this unique idea. 

In your craft room, you can hang your scissors, ribbon, markers, fabric swatches, and anything else that helps you with your craft. 

You won’t have to worry about digging through tons of drawers to find the supplies you use most. If you have a multi-purpose room, you can section off the room with this organization technique. 

One wall can house all of your craft supplies, and the adjacent wall can accommodate all of your office supplies, giving the room separate designated areas. 

Craftroom assorted art materials on pegboard

Study room pegboard black desk

6. Bathroom

No matter how many closets or drawers you have in the bathroom, it never feels like enough. Incorporating a pegboard organizer on the bathroom wall can add some much-needed storage space for you and the family. 

You can incorporate traditional hooks into this method and use them to hang towels, shower necessities, or washcloths. You can also create your own shelves at the levels that you need them with this method, which gives your kids access to the items they need without calling you for help. 

Whether you need extra space for towels or a place for countertop items that don’t fit, like jars of Q-tips and cotton balls, this can be the perfect solution.

White wall shelf with hanging toiletries
Jessica Childres
Jessica Childres is a Georgia native and former teacher. She loves to share her skills, knowledge and passion with others. She has an ongoing interest in real estate, home decorating, and design.
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