11 Handbag Storage Ideas

You'll love our simple ideas on how to keep your handbags organized. Which design tip will you end up using?

If your purses are frequently tossed on any available surface or left on the floor, it’s time to invest in some suitable storage. Properly storing your bags, purses, and clutches will help safeguard them, extending their lives and eventually saving you money. It can also be an aesthetic way to show off your bags!

Handbags can be stored in various ways, including shelves, hooks, baskets, and boxes of various sizes. Finding a storage solution that works for you is determined by the amount of space you have, the number of bags you have, and the number of bags you intend to acquire in the future.

Set up the ideal purse organizing solution with one of these 11 brilliant handbag storage ideas and never leave it lying around again!

Get Your Game Plan In Order

Before diving into ideas, it’s crucial to get a sense of what you want to achieve. Creating the ideal storage space entails removing clutter and making room for what you own and aspire to acquire in the future.

If you have more purses than you can fit into your area, it will not appear nice and tidy no matter how you store them.

Make sure whatever option you choose accounts for the handbags you already own and also leave room for what you plan to add to your collection. Place your current favorites in the middle of the layout for an aesthetically beautiful layout, and switch them out as you acquire more.

Leaving an empty space for your dream bag might sound nice in theory, but make sure to fill the gap with something else until your reach that goal. That way, no matter how many handbags you have, your collection will look complete.

Let’s look at some wonderful ways to store all of those purses for a clean, clutter-free appearance.

1. Line Them up on the Top of the Closet Shelf

Turn the top of your closet into a handbag haven by lining larger bags up along the shelf. You can use tissue paper or handbag shapers to keep them standing and preserve their natural shape. 

If you don’t have many purses that stand up well, such as smaller pieces or clutches, consider getting a few acrylic shelf dividers to keep them neatly sectioned along the shelf. Dividers will keep your bags from falling into each other and creating a mess on the shelf.

One layer of purses collection.

2. Hang Them on Hooks

Hooks are your best friend when it comes to storing purses. By hanging them up, you keep them from getting crushed or misshapen. And it’s a great way to display your collection out in the open!

Use hooks to hang your handbags on the back of your closet door, on an accent wall, along the sides of your closet, or on an unused wall space in your bedroom. You can go simple with removable command hooks or buy decorative hooks that match your decor for some extra style.

Multiple wall hooks as bag hangers.

3. Use Over the Door Organizers

Over the door organizers come in many shapes and sizes to suit the many different bags you’ve built up. Pocket shoe organizers are perfect for clutches and small handbags, while wire rack style organizers can easily fit a couple of larger purses on each level.

4. Tuck Them Into Storage Bins

Storage bins are ideal if you’re not interested in displaying your handbags where they can be seen. They’re also great for small clutches and purses or tote bags that lay flat when folded up.

Cloth bins come in various colors and patterns to match your design sense. Once filled with purses, they can be slid onto shelves, into cubbies, or even under your bed if there’s no room in your small closet.

A white open cabinet with gray storage bins.

5. Try Using Baskets

Baskets only really differ from storage bins in their aesthetic. If you’re not into how blocky bins look, you can opt to put your bags inside wicker or wire baskets instead. That way, your purses are still kept tidy, but you’re able to see them a little better when you go searching for the perfect clutch to match your outfit.

A set of wooden shelf baskets.

6. Install a Hook Rack

Hook racks are most often used in entryways to hold coats, but they’re pretty easy to repurpose into storage for your favorite handbags. 

Find yourself a rack with plenty of hooks and hang it on the wall in your bedroom or by the front door if you like a quick grab-and-go option. Then you can hang a handbag from each wall hook and admire your lineup every time you enter the room.

A wooden hook rack for as bag hangers.

7. Store Them With Your Shoes

If you have quite the shoe collection on top of your bags, you can tackle two problems at once with the perfect shoe organizer. The bottom of your closet is the perfect place to put a shelf with a bunch of small cubby holes that will hold pairs of shoes and small bags alike.

8. Utilize Shower Curtain Hooks

Hang your handbags in your closet along with your clothes by simply picking up a cheap pack of shower curtain hooks. All you have to do is hang one end over the closet rod and loop the straps of your bags over the other end.

Now you have a well-organized handbag collection where you can easily find exactly what you need for the day with a quick glance.

A white shower curtain with stainless metal hooks.

9. Put Them on a Bookcase

Whether you have built-in bookshelves in your home or an extra space that would fit a freestanding bookcase, it’s the perfect place to store purses and totes. Just line them up along the shelves as if they were on the shelves at the store.

You can also use a few storage bins or baskets for smaller purses on different shelves to create an eye-catching piece of decor.

Two rattan bags displayed on a bookshelf rack.

10. Give Them Their Own Cubbies

Square organizers and built-in cubbies are just as suited to purses as bookshelves. Whether you stick one in the bottom of your closet or utilize the already-existing shelving in your home, your pocketbooks will appreciate getting their own space to stand out among the rest.

A set of white square organizers for purses.

11. Repurpose a Wine Rack

Wall-mounted wine racks (also used as towel holders) just happen to be the perfect size and shape to accommodate all of your favorite handbags. Whether you happen to have one on hand that you’re not using or see one you love at a thrift store, you can quickly turn it into the answer for your storage need.

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