8 Farmhouse Buffet Decor Ideas

Designing a buffet correctly can completely change the feel of your home. Are you doing it correctly?

You’ve spent countless hours ensuring that every room in your home has the ideal touch for your personal style, but the dining room still feels unfinished.

Even with the lovely chandelier and handcrafted dining table, something is missing.

If you use the buffet, you may easily match the aesthetic of this room to the rest of your home. Decorating this area will bring the room together and provide a functional purpose.

Use this space to add to your style and let it evolve throughout the year. When it comes to Christmas, utilize reds and greens to make it feel more festive. Incorporate reds and pinks for Valentine’s Day to make this area festive.

Make sure it’s still a functional place, no matter how you decide to dress it up.

Keep It Functional

This area provides an excellent opportunity to add elegance and practicality to your dining room.

Use baskets or old tin cans on top of the table to hold dining room utensils or tools.

Keep the cabinets beneath the buffet tidy and clutter-free to ensure that you have everything you need in this space in the appropriate location.

Thinking about functionality and many uses while arranging this space will help you contribute to your flair while making serving supper to your guests and family a breeze.

Here are some creative ideas to make this room functional while also complementing your farmhouse style.

8 Ways to Decorate Your Farmhouse Buffet 

1. Upgrade to Glass Cabinet Doors 

Changing your wooden cabinet doors underneath your buffet to glass doors gives it an instant upgrade.  

This gives it an elegant and sophisticated look that will perfectly match the style of your home. 

One thing you’ll need to keep in mind with this option is staying organized. Since it will be glass doors, everyone will see what’s inside, so make sure everything is stacked nice and neat.

Use antique glass panes that are a little cloudy to give this even more of a farmhouse look. 

2. Use Cake Stands as Decor 

One of the best ways to mix functionality and style is using ceramic cake stands as decor. 

Stacking two white cake ceramic cake stands and displaying them on your buffet is the perfect addition to your farmhouse style. 

For some added style, you can put a piece of burlap in between the two cake stands to give this space color and texture. 

The great thing about displaying your beautiful cake stands is that they’re already out when it’s time to host for your friends and family. 

A simple white cake plate over a wooden table.

3. Incorporate Burlap 

Using burlap as a runner for your buffet is a practical and elegant way to add to your farmhouse style. 

This highlights your style, and it can keep your decorations from scratching the top wooden surface. 

If doing a full runner is too much burlap for your taste, try incorporating it in small ways. Tie a strip of burlap around a tin can and use it to hold your eating utensils. 

Or, you can tie a strip of burlap around a glass jar and use it to hold fresh flowers from your garden to add color and texture to your space.

A decorated tin can as a succulent planter.

4. Display Woven Baskets

Adding texture to this space is a great way to add to your style and keep things functional. It can provide you with the storage you need and can easily be moved to other spaces around the house when you need to clear this area.

Woven baskets can hold your napkins, your serving utensils, and for when you’re not entertaining, they can hold fresh greens. 

The woven texture adds to your farmhouse style, and you can never have too many baskets for your buffet. This gives you storage when you need it while keeping the space fresh and fun. 

A small woven basket with picnic cutlery.

5. Incorporate a Unique Lamp 

Lamps are a great way to bring a space to life. A unique lamp can add the perfect touch to your room or space even with its light off. 

Find a lamp with mesh wiring to bring a funky flair to your buffet for the farmhouse look. It will perfectly match your woven and burlap textures and provide you with just the right amount of light when you turn it on. 

You can also use an old antique lantern as a lamp which adds a rustic look to your room.

When you’re entertaining, it’s nice to have some extra light in a space that has many people gathered.

Using a unique lamp will add to your personal style and be a great functional addition to the dinners you host.  

Vintage lamps, vases, cups, and frames as decor pieces.

6. Display Natural Flowers/Greens 

Using natural flowers and greens from your garden or the local farmer’s market is key to achieving the farmhouse style. 

Using greens from flowers or fresh vegetables is a great way to incorporate a pop of color to mix with a neutral color pallet. 

Keeping fresh greens and flowers on your buffet when you’re not using it to serve guests allows the space to still have natural elements as a focal point. 

Using fresh flowers will also add a nice floral aroma to your dining room, providing an extra element to your senses. 

Natural and light colored flower vases and candles.

7. Use the Wall Space Behind Your Buffet

Remember that the space around your buffet can be utilized to add meaning and depth to this space. 

Incorporating a vintage mirror on the wall behind the buffet adds an extra element of depth and design without breaking your budget. 

You can also add a canvas painting with neutral colors to add texture and movement to this area. 

Make the wall behind this space your canvas, and incorporate elements here to add to the farmhouse style and let your style shine. 

A modern dining area with hanging golden art displays.

8. Add Pendant Lights 

Lighting is an important part of any room. Using pendant lights on each side of the buffet will highlight this area and make this a seemingly separate part of the dining room. 

It will let this space stand alone while still being a functional part of the dining room. 

To add to your farmhouse style, choose pendant lights with black metal or exposed lightbulbs. 

To make this space unique, create your own light fixture using raw materials such as wood, exposed wire, and metal. 

Custom lighting is the best way to add your own history and touch to this space while being a functional and necessary aspect of your dining room. 

A long nature themed pendant light over the dining table.
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