9 Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for Girls

Baby showers that are planned well will be remembered for a lifetime. Need ideas for throwing one for a girl?

Whether you threw a gender reveal party or heard the news in the doctor’s office, chances are your heart skipped a beat when you heard, “it’s a girl!” You’re already thinking about future shopping trips, father-daughter dances, and mommy-daughter tea parties. 

Even though your daughter’s not here yet, she deserves to have a loving and fun baby shower to welcome her into this world. 

Get ready for a daddy’s girl and your little princess, and bring on the pink! Here are a few adorable decoration ideas to celebrate your little one. 

9 Decoration Ideas for a Girl’s Baby Shower 

1. Glitter and Gold 

Whether it’s your first girl or your third, throwing an event with some glitter and gold will never get old. 

It sets the tone that your little angel will have lots of fun and sparkles throughout her life, and all the decorations will be easy to find. 

You can incorporate glitter balloons, table cloths, and party favors. Then incorporate gold accents such as a table runner, table arrangements, or plates/napkins. 

Any leftovers can be used for future birthday parties or tea parties and will still serve a purpose for you and your special gal. 

Gold mylar balloons of the word cake

2. Shades of Pink 

You can really dress up or down this occasion, depending on the shades of pink you use. If this is your second or third girl, you probably don’t want head-to-toe bright pink everything again

That’s okay! Use a creamy white for your large items as a backdrop and light-pink accents as smaller focal points. 

This is a great way to save money and allows you to reuse things such as table cloths, chair covers, sheet signs, etc. 

Try to use pink accents such as candles mason jars with flowers, napkins, and plates. Using a softer shade will keep everything neutral and feminine without feeling overwhelming or unnecessary. 

You may also have the opportunity to reuse items from your older daughter’s baby shower if you kept any of those materials, which could save you quite a bit of money!

pink flower vase and some bottles as table centerpiece

3. Make It Princess-Themed 

A great way to keep decorations organized and matching is by picking a theme. Since you’re having a girl, using a princess theme is a fun way to stock up on some beautiful princess dresses that she will love to try on once she’s old enough. 

Asking your guests to each bring a princess dress for your daughter to grow into in a few years is a cute way to have everyone bring something meaningful. On her second or third birthday, she’ll have a ball trying them all on and playing dress-up. 

You can use tiaras as table arrangements, have princess figurines on the cake or cupcakes, and have various Disney princess colors throughout the party. 

plastic princess crown hair clips for baby girls

4. Create an Under-The-Sea Theme

A unique way to move away from the traditional all-pink color scheme is by choosing a theme such as under-the-sea. 

You can use soft blues, purples, oranges, even yellow with this theme, and it’s still very feminine. 

Creating a mermaid theme is a cute way to celebrate your little one. You can have mermaid cups, plates, and colored icing to match the cake and cupcakes. 

If you’re looking for a subtle way to create this theme, you can use neutral color seashells and use them as table decorations or collect them in glass jars to use as table markers.

Of course, you can still make this a classic party by adding glitter to a mermaid’s tail or incorporating pink accents. 

Seashells contained in a glass jar

5. Incorporate Dance/Music 

Celebrating your little angel should be a fun and exciting moment. Incorporating dance and music (especially if you come from a family that loves to dance) is a great way to celebrate a new life. 

You can even create a ballerina theme using a printed tablecloth or table runner. You can stick with this theme by flipping the cupcake holders upside down after the cupcakes are baked, giving them the allusion that they’re wearing a ballerina tutu. 

Incorporating music that is meaningful to you and your family will help you celebrate and might even elicit a response from the baby! 

A textile with dancing ballerina imprint

6. Sweet Tooth 

When in doubt, you can never go wrong by incorporating sweets while celebrating. Using cupcakes and donuts to celebrate your sweet one is a fan favorite. 

Your guests will love the sweet treats, and you’ll enjoy all the leftovers! It’s a fun way to let your food and treats become the party’s focal point, which saves you money! 

Whether you bake them yourself or pay a professional, you’ll have the most delicious party on the block. 

Use plates and napkins with printed sprinkles, use a donut pool float to hold some of the smaller gifts, and use actual cake sprinkles as table decor. 

pink donuts and cake as deserts for baby girl shower

7. Southern Girl 

If you’re from the south, play up the cowgirl theme by using boots and cowboy hats as accessories for the baby shower. 

You can have little boots as a focal point on the cake or food table and use subtle touches like cowboy hat cut-outs as streamers. 

If your family hunts every season, you can even use a pink camo scheme for the party to fit right in. 

Conversely, if you’re from the north or from a big city, you can use items that fit your personal lifestyle. 

Use different size shopping bags or a city-scape backdrop if you’re from a big city. Incorporate ski boots and goggles if you live by the slopes. Putting a personal touch on the shower is a great way to welcome your little one. 

Cowboy boots for men, women, and babies

8. Hollywood Glam 

Celebrate your little star by incorporating Hollywood glam. This style is all about gold accents, modern touches, and paparazzi. 

Set up a photo booth to allow your guests to take photos with scarfs, sunglasses, and glamorous hats. You can keep the photos and create a memory book to share with your little star later in life. 

Use large string lights to create a well-lit and exposed party area, which will look great in all pictures. 

You can use a dark pink color scheme with gold and black accents, making the area feel fancy and elegant. 

Re-create the Hollywood sign with poster letters to allow guests to pose in front of it. This can be an exciting and unique way to celebrate your newest Hollywood star. 

pink themed baby birthday party full of pink balloons

9. Use Neutral Tones

If you don’t want to get too caught up in a specific theme, you can stick to neutral colors. This allows you to use subtle colors as accents and gives you plenty of opportunities to reuse your items. 

Using neutral colors also makes the event feel calm and relaxing. Far too often, moms and families of the mother-to-be get so caught up in making sure everything is perfect that they forget to enjoy it. 

Neutral colors that boost relaxation and feel welcoming will help you and your guests relax and have fun celebrating the new beautiful life. 

You can still use pink or purple accents and make it feminine, but using the colors subtly allows for a laid-back atmosphere that is good for the mother and the baby.

The word baby in cardboard standee with lights, indoor party decor
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