Should You Tip Furniture Delivery Services?

Should you tip? How much to tip? We’ll answer all your questions.

When you have a brand-new, high-quality piece of furniture delivered right to your door, it’s always a happy day! It’s a great and exciting occasion—a reason to celebrate—whether it’s a couch, a lamp, or a new desk or dining table for your family to sit around at dinnertime. However, no matter how ecstatic you are, never forget to tip your delivery staff!

Why Is It Good to Tip a Delivery Person? 

Should you tip your delivery person? How much should you leave as a tip?

To get the answers to these questions, consider what goes into getting your furniture delivered safely to you.

The professionals must first evaluate your item at the factory to guarantee it is ready to ship to your door. Then they must load your large object into the truck. They are also in charge of carrying your item by vehicle from the factory to your location, which takes time and money in terms of gas mileage. They must carry the product up multiple flights of stairs if you live in an apartment.

Also, keep in mind that these workers labor in all weather conditions! After all, this is their work, and they must meet the expectations of both their boss and the corporation.

It’s usually a good idea to tip delivery people for these reasons. They go above and beyond to ensure that everything arrives at your home in a safe and timely manner.

So, now that your furniture has been delivered safely, how much would you tip the delivery crew? And are there any scenarios in which you would tip even more?

Two hands holding a 10 dollar bill.

How Much Should You Tip? 

A deliverer normally earns $12.61 per hour, according to Take this into account before leaving a tip. You should give them at least $10, especially if they are carrying a large object (but most people offer between $20 and $40 because they can afford it).

Keep in mind that the deliverer often earns only slightly more than the minimum pay. Consider the time spent, the amount of gas used to get there, and the effort that went into bringing your product straight to you.

Before selecting how much to give, you should consider certain scenarios. You might want to offer a little more for a well-deserved compensation in a few situations.

Additional Considerations  

It’s usually a good idea to think about what your furniture delivery staff will have to deal with to get your item to you.

For example, how was the weather when everything arrived? If it was raining or even snowing outside, you might offer more than $10, especially if the item was large, such as a couch or a study desk.

You should also consider the weight of your item and the number of flights of stairs in your apartment.

Remember that they are going out of their way to deliver outstanding service. They will take care not to harm any of your belongings during the moving process.

Two furniture delivery men placing an armchair to the floor.

When to Be More Generous?

You may want to leave a greater tip to express your gratitude for a job well done. When your driver goes above and beyond to offer you an excellent experience, you should always tip a bit more!

For example, the item you received may need to be constructed before being used for the first time. If your deliverer goes to the trouble of putting all the pieces together for you, always show your appreciation with an extra amount.

If you paid for a premium service, the time it takes to assemble your furniture is included in the price. However, if you did not specifically pay for assistance with assembling your furniture, they are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts and saving you a lot of time.

Keep in mind that these specialists are frequently paid by the hour, so their time is valuable, and your work is most likely not the only one they intend to deliver that day. The same rule should apply if they take one (or more) flights of stairs on a particularly hot day. This is not an easy task!

Always have some water to offer them once they’ve arrived at your door and placed the item.

Should You Tip for Special Services? 

Some services, such as white glove delivery and interior delivery, may require additional costs as part of the shipment procedure.

Even if there is a price for these services, you should still pay your deliverers a little more. At the end of the day, they are still providing you with a service, and it is always appropriate to express your appreciation. Furthermore, a percentage of the delivery price does not always go to the service worker, who is paid by the hour, making your contribution even more valuable.

Special services ensure that special or heavy things are delivered inside or to your door in the best possible condition. Inside Delivery means that the item is delivered directly to your home. If you live in an apartment, they will have to carry it up a flight of steps. They may also deliver it to the end of your driveway.

You should always tip your employees if they perform everything expected of them, and you should give even more if they go above and above the job description. This could include unboxing your item and assembling it for you, which is generally reserved for white glove services. Unboxing and installation are typically included in White Glove services. If your professional went through the bother, give them a tip because they saved you both time and money.

Two delivery men in placing a harness on a couch.

Should You Give Extra for Heavier Furniture? 

When your supplier arrives on time and your stuff is in pristine shape, you should always give them an additional good tip. Perhaps it’s already set up and ready to go!

Consider offering a little extra for exceptional things like large pieces of furniture, such as couches and desks, because these items are especially heavy and cumbersome. You may also want to consider tipping more when having mattresses or rugs delivered, as these items are difficult and time-consuming to shift.

Consider cleaning your halls before your delivery folks arrive so that the staff may safely navigate your arrival through them (this is especially the case if you are expecting delivery of a large item). You should also inform your driver whether your building has an elevator or how many flights of stairs they will need to climb to reach your door. This will make the crew’s experience with heavier products and hard lifting safer.

Remember that this extra step is normally included as an extra price for most furniture drivers. However, you should still tip them for their efforts because moving furniture is a difficult task, and they are doing it for you.

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What Are Some Other Ways to Show Your Gratitude?

To express your appreciation, provide a complimentary glass or refreshing bottle of water, especially on a hot day! You can ask if there is anything you can do to help them with their process, such as moving stuff out of the way to allow room for them to pass through.

Always allow them to use the restroom if they request it! If it’s a hot day, make sure your air conditioner is switched on and that your heat is set to a comfortable degree in the winter. Make certain that there will be no pets underfoot. (As a general guideline, put your pet in a safe area with the door locked until all belongings are in place and the movers have left.) You can also offer them a cold towel because this type of work makes them sweat a lot.

A Good Tip is A Job Well Done 

Your crew worked diligently to deliver your furniture to you. If you have received outstanding service in a professional manner, you should always leave a tip and express your gratitude! You will not just be paying them with your grateful smile. A little goes a long way, and delivery drivers are always pleased to be compensated for a job well done. It’s a thoughtful gesture on your side that is more than thoughtful; it’s a wonderful gift to them! By tipping them, you’re telling their supervisors, whom they want to please, that they did the right thing: they completed the task and came through for you. That means a lot to someone who works in the service industry! Never, ever take a delivery person’s tip for granted. They most emphatically will not. It’s the kind of thing that motivates hard employees.

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