DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

When you make your own wrapping paper, it expresses your love and care. How can you make your own?

Gift wrapping during the Christmas season is always a lot of fun. I’m always looking for new ways to personalize my gifts as well as decorating the outside of my house without adding too much work to my plate.

I discovered an easy way to customize your wrapping paper so that it looks classy and complements the bow or other additions (see below).

I’m so pleased with the outcome that I wanted to share it with you. I simply used white and black basic kraft paper and randomly dropped paint from a child’s craft box on the paper.

DIY wrapping paper for holiday gifts

Buy Black or White Paper and Splash Paint on It

The beauty of this wrapping paper is how simple it is to make. If you have a lot of presents to wrap, either buy large sheets of black or white paper or a roll of it.

Splatter the paint all over the wrapping paper. The more abstract it is, the better it looks! Attempting to keep it neat will only complicate the process.

A DIy wrapping paper for gifts using some art supplies

Tie a Piece of String Around It

Tie a piece of string around your gift after it has been wrapped.

As you can see, I used black string, but you can use whatever string you have on hand. You can also use hemp string to achieve a more rustic look.

A person holding a black string while wrapping a gift

Add an Accent or Bow

As usual, add a decorative bow to your wrapped gift.

Alternatively, to make it even more personalized, add an unique accent. For example, you could include a small ornament, a jingle bell, or a pine tree branch.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be creative with your accent; a simple trip to the dollar store should provide you with plenty of options.

When you’re finished, you can even write who it’s to and from directly on the wrapping paper. The beauty of this DIY wrapping paper is that it is both classy and rustic, so writing directly on it only adds to the design.

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Black gift wrapping paper with pine leaves used as accents
Plain and abstract white gift wrapping papers

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