Fiddle Leaf Fig Growth Rate: How Fast Do They Grow?

Read more to learn more about a Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees growth rate and also how to encourage it to grow faster.

We all know and love these plants for their huge fiddle-shaped, green foliage. You’ve probably seen ones that are but a couple of inches tall while others that are up to about 8 feet tall. But how fast do they grow, and what factors affect the growth rate?

Growth Rate

Ficus Lyrata trees have been known to grow up to about 12-18 inches per year, or about 1 inch per month. 

However, this growth rate varies significantly based on a couple of factors. Many homeowners that grow their fiddle leaf figs indoors notice much slower growth rates. They may only get 2-4 inches of growth per year. 

These trees natively grow in tropical environments. Because of their large, gorgeous foliage, they have become popularized as indoor houseplants. Taking them out of their optimum environment significantly impacts their growth.

Factors That Affect Growth

Water, humidity, fertilization, temperature, and sun all play a role in how fast a fiddle leaf fig can grow. Make sure you check our comprehensive grow and care guide for specifics on how to take care of your tree properly.

Out of the factors above, the aspect that homeowners struggle with the most is the amount of sun it is receiving. 

A fiddle-leaf fig houseplant beside a window.

More Sunlight is Essential

It is almost impossible for your tree to receive enough sunlight indoors. While a tree grown at a window with northern exposure may not die, it also will not thrive. 

They should be kept in a room with southern exposure to encourage growth. It would be even better if they could have multiple light sources like a plant would receive in a sunroom. 

Even though they love the sun, their leaves can still burn, especially when they are younger. If this occurs, pull your ficus lyrata back a little from the window. This way, it still receives enough natural sunlight but does not receive as much direct sunlight.

When introducing your tree to sunlight, consider acclimating it to the light over time. Every week, move the tree a little closer to your southern window as long as you do not see any signs of burning. 

How Tall Can They Grow Indoors?

Fiddle leaf fig trees can grow up to 50 feet tall, but usually, when they are found in their native environments, they grow to be about 15-25 feet tall. 

Usually, they grow to a maximum height of about 6 feet when grown indoors. If given truly optimal conditions, they can grow about 8 feet tall. 

A tall fiddle-leaf fig beside glass window and a sunset light on the background.

How Long Do They Live?

These trees can live about 25-50 years when grown in tropical environments. When raised indoors, they usually live about ten years if given optimal conditions.

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