Fiddle Leaf Fig Interior Design: 7 Inspirational Ideas

Inspirational ideas you can use in your house for awe-inspiring spaces.

Among impressive houseplants, the fiddle leaf fig is a standout. If you can incorporate some trendy design ideas when placing your fiddle leaf fig, it will add character to the room and highlight your plant’s beautiful features. Yet, the location must also provide what your plant needs to flourish.

Below are seven examples of some spectacular design ideas. Each example shows a fiddle leaf fig tree in a prime location. These extraordinary layouts will inspire your talent and ingenuity.

Essential Facts

The fiddle leaf fig originates from the jungles of western Africa. So, to be healthy, the plant needs tropical conditions. The most vital one is bright sunlight, such as from west- or east-facing windows.

The scientific name for the fiddle leaf fig is Ficus lyrata. It can be pruned in two separate ways, as a slender tree and as a petite shrub. Regardless of the way you prune it, it has gigantic, glossy leaves, shaped like a violin. This identifying trait accounts for its common names — fiddle leaf fig and banjo fig. 

Imagine Yourself in the Upcoming Room with the Ficus Lyrata Plants

For this photographic tour, I have a suggestion to enliven your experience. With each picture, place yourself inside the room as the homeowner’s guest. Immerse yourself in the setting.

This way, you’ll have a lifelike encounter with every plant, including its wondrous impact.

Next, read the narrations, describing the photos. In each, I explain the plant’s pivotal role and the design element it portrays.

1. Inviting Relaxation

Do you have a staircase nook, like the one shown here? Or, maybe another kind of alcove? If so, outfit the space for a guest to enjoy. Then, furnish it with a cute fiddle leaf fig.

Fiddle leaf bush in a staircase nook to invite relaxation

In this photo, the shrub invites you to take a refreshing pause. Its compact form suits the small sitting area. There is a vitalizing effect when you gaze at the forest green foliage.

Meanwhile, the upper leaves point to the sign and its friendly message. The pot’s position, next to the chair, lures you to the seat. Easing down, you find yourself grinning.

Now, imagine a similar setup in your home. Your guests will praise your thoughtfulness and clever use of space.

Plus, anyone weary from treading the stairs gets the chance to rest!

2. Spurring Movement

This fiddle leaf fig calls to you, waving from the far corner of the room. “Come in!” it urges cordially. In response, you happily stride to the comfy-looking sofas.

Ficus lyrata in the corner of a contemporary room

In this expansive room, the tree draws your sight across the spacious rug. Your vision lands on the point where the sofas meet, exuding hospitality.

Thus, the tree acts like a smiling hostess, guiding you to a seat. Meanwhile, it fills the corner beautifully.

Now, look at diagonal lines in the fluffy rug. They’re marching toward the tree, underscoring it as the focal point. This layout is pure genius!

3. Imparting Coziness

“Gather around the fireplace,” this tree intones with widespread arms. Its left branch extends beyond the massive window, enticing your interest in the TV. The velvety couch and gracious chairs reserve lots of space for friends and family.

fig tree foliage adds a pop of color to gray tones.

Upon entering this living room, it strikes you as being neat and orderly. In part, the effect comes from the square and rectangular decor. The wall art near the windows copies the boxy shape of the coffee table. Moreover, the stacks of books on the table align precisely.

Here the color theme is a soothing shade of gray. Likewise calming is the graceful stance of the banjo fig. Still, the room calls for a pop of color, supplied by the ficus plant’s shamrock green foliage.

The tree’s perfect symmetry stems from reaching for the sunlight. Moreover, its arching branches unite the floor-to-ceiling windows.

With all the abundant sunshine, the plant looks ecstatic! Still, another factor accounts for its vitality. It shares the room with a fireplace. Banjo figs like cozy temps, between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Shrinking High Ceilings

Here, a majestic fiddle leaf fig spans the distance between the floor and lofty ceiling. Thus, you revel in the room’s spaciousness without feeling dwarfed. Simultaneously, the tree connects the upper and lower window sections. It helps you appreciate the large, stylish window panes.

Furthermore, the tree’s glory summons your reverence for nature making it a wonderful fiddle leaf fig interior design idea.

Tall banjo fig tree draws attention to the vertical space of the room

The ficus plant’s rightmost foliage frames the wall art, ensuring you see its beauty. Meanwhile, the lowest leaves guide you safely toward the staircase.

Now, look at the decorative planter and bottom third of the tree trunk. See how they both camouflage the gray pillar stationed behind?

Plus, the top of the ceramic pot aligns with the surface of the black table.

So, in this design, the plant’s stature links six vertical gaps!

5. Grounding Effect

This sunroom houses many classy accessories. Still, your eyes fixate on the fiddle leaf fig just beyond the couch. Once it anchors your sight line, you’re ready to explore the other decor by degrees.

Banjo fig tree with its green foliage matches the color scheme of a modern apartment

I count nine plants in this photo — many splashes of greenery. Still, the plant reeling you to the emerald couch is the prominent banjo fig nearby.

Plus, the tree accents all the other plants in the room. It even highlights the smallest one, peeking through the second-floor railing.

Now, your vision drifts to the spectacular chandelier. Next, to its right, you ponder the curious metal sculpture and its pendant wire leaves.

Since the fiddle leaf fig encroaches on the wallpaper, you notice the green in its pretty pattern.

So, the tree’s enormous leaves accentuate all the green decor. Now, you’re relaxed and centered.

At this juncture, let’s pause for a few minutes. Treat your eyes to the serene ocean view!

6. Enhancing a Rustic Theme

In this living room, the gorgeous banjo fig connects all the wood and wicker furnishings.

Green fiddle leaf fig foliage adds a sense of warmth to this home

Everything in this photo plays second fiddle to the banjo fig. It’s the first object you notice, basking in the brilliant sunshine. Rest your gaze upon the plant, and you’ll glimpse the wicker basket housing it.

Next, you see the quaint wicker tray, the centerpiece on the wooden coffee table. To its left, there appears to be a simplistic wooden chair. From there, your focus goes to the gleaming floor beyond the rug. The floor’s polished surface reflects your presence like a mirror.

As your feet round the couch, you meet the rustic table. Note the craftsmanship of the slender turned legs. I wonder what the wooden bowl contains.

Wow, feel that delightful breeze! It’s wafting through the old-fashioned double doors. Behind the open one, a bench sits conveniently, displaying plush pillows. Sheltered beneath the bench is another wooden bowl.

So, in this contemporary rustic design, the focal point is the sun-kissed banjo fig.

7. Rousing Admiration

“Welcome to our sunlit kitchen!” crows the fiddle leaf fig. “Take a seat at the center island. The household cook will join us soon. Then, while relishing her food, you guys can fawn over my beauty. As you can see, my owner takes good care of me.”

ficus lyrata tree adding to the design of a kitchen

With the tree sitting opposite the kitchen island, it attracts your focus like a magnet. Hence, you’re bound to admire it, complimenting the plant’s caretaker. The conversation can go in several directions, such as where the owner bought it and the tree’s age.

By the way, a healthy fiddle leaf fig can live for 25 to 50 years. Once you’ve found the right location for yours, avoid switching it. A stable setting will foster the plant’s longevity.

This tree’s placement is great on two counts. First, the plant has three sources of bright illumination. It’s receiving light from the windows, the panes in the sliding doors, and the ceiling fixtures.

Secondly, the kitchen bestows humidity, also required for a healthy banjo fig. If your chosen room has dry air, mist your plant daily with warm water.

Amazing Layout

By now, I bet you’re eager to display a fiddle leaf fig. While mulling over the right location, consider the purpose it can serve. If you don’t have a ficus plant, consider buying one or if you must, even a faux fiddle leaf fig.

As you saw in these photos, an exquisite banjo fig can:

  • Balance other design components
  • Be a captivating focal point
  • Invigorate formal decor
  • Fill vertical gaps
  • Highlight a green color theme
  • Act as a conversation piece
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