7 Sunpatien Varieties to Consider Growing

Sunpatients are new impatien hybrids that can grow in full sun. Which varieties should you consider growing?

A relatively new impatiens hybrid called Sunpatiens was produced by carefully mating the larger, heat-loving impatiens hawkeri from New Guinea with the native, “traditional” impatiens of Indonesia. The result, now referred to as Sunpatiens, is a plant that grows well in bright sunshine and hot, humid weather, thus expanding the geographic region in which gardeners may plant the colorful flowers.

From spring till frost, Sunpatiens, which can be both annuals or perennials, depending on the variety, will consistently produce blooms for you. In pots and bedding flowers, it offers long-lasting color.

Here is a list of 7 distinct Sunpatiens varieties that will bring color to the sunny areas of your garden.

1. Compact Blush Pink

Impatiens ‘Sunpatiens Compact Blush Pink’ is a thick, mound-forming, well-branched, and award-winning perennial that is often cultivated as an annual. It produces masses of huge, vivid pink blooms that may reach a diameter of 2 inches. From late spring until the first frost, the colorful blossoms stand out against the foliage’s long, dark-green leaves.

They flourish in places with at least four hours of direct sunshine each day and provide a profusion of pink color wherever they are planted. They are great, easy-to-care-for additions to sunny garden beds and containers in any location because of their steady performance.

a beautiful compact blush pink sunpatiens

2. Spreading Scarlet Red

Sunpatiens’ Spreading Scarlet Red’ is a mounded-shaped, thick annual plant. From mid-spring to early autumn, it has striking crimson spherical blooms at the terminals of the stalks. Its pointed leaves maintain a rich green hue all year long.

This variety thrives in both full sun and full shade. It does well in moderate to equally wet environments, although it cannot tolerate too much water. It is not picky about pH or soil type and has a strong tolerance for urban pollutants. It may even flourish in densely populated areas. 

In addition to the garden, ‘Spreading Scarlet Red’ is a fantastic option for growing in outdoor pots and hanging baskets. Depending on the height and shape of the other plants used in the container planting, it may be used either as a “filler” or a “thriller” in the “spiller-thriller-filler” container combination.

a bunch of red flowers blooming in the garden

3. Compact Hot Coral

Sunpatiens’ Compact Hot Coral’ is a thick, mound-forming, well-branched perennial that is often cultivated as an annual. From late spring until the first frost, it bears striking coral-pink spherical blooms up to 2 inches wide at the ends of the stems.

This variety can handle both full sun and full shade, moderate to consistently damp soil, and many different types of soil and pH levels. It tolerates urban pollutants well and does well even in densely populated areas.

‘Compact Hot Coral’ is an equally great choice for flowerbeds, hanging baskets, and outdoor containers. It is ideal for borders, pots, and window boxes.

pretty hot coral blossoms of a flowering plant

4. Compact Mini White

‘Compact Mini White’ is a stunning hybrid that produces a thick mound of white blooms all summer long.

This plant is very simple to cultivate and does well in wet, well-drained soil, whether it is in full sun, half shade, or full shade. These plants will grow easily and will begin to put on a magnificent show shortly after planting.

‘ Compact Mini White’ is a great addition to sunny garden beds and containers in any location because of its steady performance and laid-back attitude.

a beautiful mini white flower

5. Electric Orange

The ‘Electric Orange’ variety has pointed dark green foliage that contrasts attractively with its reddish-orange blooms. This cultivar loves to grow in sunny to partly sunny locations. It has a mounded form and grows to a height of 16 to 30 inches with a spread of 14 to 20 inches. From spring until frost, this plant will be covered with vibrant flowers.

This variety is often planted as an annual. Attempting to overwinter this plant indoors requires the use of a grow light to satisfy its light requirements. This plant is hardy in USDA Zones 10 and 11.

‘Electric Orange’ provides a stunning show throughout the summer and is suitable for borders, beds, pots, or window boxes.

beautiful electric orange color of a sunpatiens

6. Spreading Corona

The ‘Spreading Corona’ sunpatiens variety grows into a mounded shape with a medium texture. It integrates well into the garden but pairing it with either finer or coarser plants would create an effective visual composition.

This variety tolerates both full sun and full shade. Although it won’t tolerate standing water, it can handle moderately to uniformly damp environments. It does not care about the pH or the kind of soil. It is quite tolerant of urban pollutants and even does well in densely populated areas.

‘Spreading Corona’ is a great choice for hanging baskets and containers. It also works very well in mass plantings, borders, edges, and general flowerbeds. 

7. Spreading Shell Pink

The ‘Spreading Shell Pink’ sunpatiens variety has enormous, soft-pink blooms that sometimes display a hint of coral. The blossoms, which grow in abundance throughout the season, stand out against the foliage’s long, dark-green leaves.

‘Spreading Shell Pink’ prefers a location with direct sunlight. To grow well and produce its spectacular flowers, it needs at least 8 hours of light. During the height of summer, some midday shade will prevent sunburns and scorched foliage. 

This variety is a great choice for hanging baskets, outdoor containers, and the general garden. It is also ideal for beds, borders, pots, and window boxes.

Carley Miller
Carley Miller is a horticultural expert at Bustling Nest. She previously owned a landscaping business for 25 years and worked at a local garden center for 10 years.
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