Trugreen Cost: How Much to Expect to Pay

Trugreen can help you achieve the lawn that you’ve always wanted. How much should you expect to pay?

Your lawn is important. It is the starting point for your home’s curb appeal. When people drive by, it’s the first thing they notice. It’s something you ought to be proud of.

However, life gets hectic, and maintaining a lawn is a time-consuming task that not everyone has the luxury of being able to perform. So, what should you do?

You are already aware that there are numerous lawn care services competing for your business. But are they trustworthy? Do they have a track record? Will they maintain your lawn to your expectations?

Those questions are frequently answered with “no.” Don’t be concerned. This article will provide you with information on Trugreen lawn care company.

So let’s take a look at what services they do offer and how much the bill will be when it’s time to pay.

What Is TruGreen Lawn Care Company?

TruGreen is a lawn care and maintenance company that was established in 1990. They provide a variety of lawn and garden services that can be purchased through an annual plan. There are several annual plans available, each with a unique set of services. Each TruGreen plan is priced based on the number of services included.

When you contact TruGreen about their services, they will dispatch one of their certified lawn specialists to any of the 49 states you may be in (All except Alaska).

What can you expect from one of these service visits? That’s what you and the specialist will work out when he comes to your house. He’ll give you a list of the services they provide and show you any additional services that aren’t included in the predetermined TruGreen service plans.

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What Does TruGreen Offer?

When you commit to TruGreen on a service plan, they will present you with 5 options that offer a variety of services at varying price points. Each of these packages is designed to meet the various needs of your lawn or garden and is priced to fit a variety of budgets.

Each of the predefined packages is intended to provide general lawn and garden services. There is even an environmentally friendly option for those of you who prefer to go the green route.

What Are the Lawn Care Packages that TruGreen Offers?

Let’s take a look at the five Trugreen lawn care packages and their features.

All of their lawn care service packages include three things.

  1. Healthy Lawn Analysis: This is an analysis of what your lawn will require to reach its most vibrant and healthy state.
  2. Healthy Lawn Guarantee: This is a guarantee that the services that they perform will keep your lawn growing strong as long as they are managing it for you.
  3. TruExpert Certified Specialists: These are the folks that analyze your lawn and recommend the best course of action to ensure it remains the envy of the neighborhood.
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TruMaintenance Lawn Care Plan

The TruMaintenance lawn care plan includes seven visits to your home each year. The package includes fertilizer applications for your lawn based on the recommendations of TruGreen’s Healthy Lawn Analysis. It will also include pre-emergent and targeted herbicide treatments for any weeds that are found in your area.

This is TruGreen’s entry-level and least expensive package. (The price will be broken down in the following section.)

TruHealth Lawn Care Plan

This is TruGreen’s second tier of service. The TruHealth lawn care plan includes eight treatment visits to your lawn per year. You’ll also get grub prevention and control in addition to fertilization, pre-emergent weed control, and targeted weed control. Grub control can be a very useful addition because they have been known to wreak havoc on lawns.

TruComplete Lawn Care Plan

The TruComplete lawn care plan also includes eight visits to your lawn. However, the eight visits will include much more than weed control and fertilization. In addition, your lawn will receive one round of core aeration and overseeding of your desired grass. If the TruGreen certified specialist determines that overseeding with a mixture of grass seed is required to supplement certain deficiencies in your dominant grass, that will be taken care of as well.

The standard grub control and prevention treatment is also included in the TruComplete lawn care plan. This plan, on the other hand, goes a step further by testing your soil pH level and fertility and then dispersing any soil amendments deemed necessary by the results of those tests.

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TruSignature Lawn Care Plan

TruGreen’s TruSignature lawn care plan is their lawn care company’s gold standard. It includes any and all of the lawn care services listed in the aforementioned lawn care plans.

What differs is that, in addition to the eight yearly lawn visits, TruGreen schedules seven additional visits to your property throughout the year solely for the purpose of maintaining your trees and shrubs. Trees and shrubs are subjected to the same expert analysis and testing as your lawn. They will be fed, trimmed, and tested to ensure that they are as healthy as the lawn on which they are growing. Also, the 8 visits for lawn maintenance (not visits for trees and shrubs) can be increased to 12 if TruGreen determines that it is necessary to return to your property more frequently to ensure that their Healthy Lawn Guarantee is met.

As far as TruGreen lawn service packages go, this TruSignature lawn service package is at the top of the heap.

TruNatural Lawn Care Plan

TruGreen lawn care was truly ahead of the curve when it introduced the TruNatural lawn care plan. The company kept its finger on the pulse of the market and detected a growing desire among homeowners and people in general to leave a smaller footprint on our planet.

As a result, their certified lawn care specialists created an eco-friendly lawn care package. The TruNatural lawn care plan includes 8 lawn visits per year and the same services, but with an eco-friendly emphasis.

Weed killers are not used for pre-emergent or targeted weed control in the TruNatural lawn care plan unless you specifically request them. Then they don’t use herbicides that contain synthetic, unnatural chemicals.

The TruNatural lawn care plan includes fertilizer applications, but the lawn food is entirely natural.

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What Does TruGreen Cost?

Let’s start with a look at the factors TruGreen uses to determine the overall costs of lawn care, and then we’ll break down the costs of the individual plans.

What Factors Determine TruGreen’s Cost?

When developing their pricing models, Trugreen considers the following criteria:

  1. The total square footage of your lawn
  2. The current condition of your lawn and its current level of maintenance 
  3. The location of your property (they consider what area of the country your property is located as well as its proximity to their nearest facility)
  4. The lawn care service plan that you decide upon (along with any additional services you choose to include that are not on the predetermined packages)
  5. Whether the property you are contracting them to care for is commercial or residential
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What Are the Costs of Each of TruGreen’s Lawn Care Packages?

*Please note, the estimates below are estimated based on the time of this creation of the article. We are not affiliated with this company and you should consult with TruGreen themselves for the actual costs. 

We’ll look at the prices for each package for up to a 5,000 square foot lawn (TruGreen also has pricing models for 0.5 acre and 1-acre lawns). I took the costs of a lawn in the southern part of the country and the costs of a lawn in the northern part of the country and averaged the two numbers.

So, while your lawn may be more or less expensive than the figures shown here, the prices will provide you with a solid ballpark figure that you can use to determine whether TruGreen is a good fit for you. Also, there may be some years when you don’t need your lawn to be overseeded, and if that’s the case, the overall cost of the yearly subscription will be reduced.

  1. TruMaintenance Lawn Care Plan Average Cost Per Year: $562.80
  2. TruHealth Lawn Care Plan Average Cost Per Year: $649.30
  3. TruComplete Lawn Care Plan Average Cost Per Year: $988.80
  4. TruSignature Lawn Care Plan Average Cost Per Year: $1,337.50
  5. TruNatural Lawn Care Plan Average Cost Per Year: $1,067.50

Please keep in mind that these are only baseline averages and do not include any add-ons that you may choose to purchase to address any specific concerns.

One More Thing…Just In Case Packages

TruGreen is a highly rated professional lawn and maintenance company. That being said, you may have time to take care of your lawn, shrubs, trees, and so on. However, just in case you can’t get to everything, TruGreen offers the following control services, as well as a tree and shrub package that addresses specific needs that your lawn may have that fall outside of their predetermined packages

  1. TruShield Tick and Flea Control: This is a package that might be right up your alley if you have pets and want them to be safe when they frolic around outside on the lawn that you take care of yourself. The average cost per year of the TruShield Tick and Flea Control package is $404.75.
  2. TruCare Mosquito Defense: Again, this is another supplemental package that is good for those of you with pets that need mosquito control. Or those of you who just hate being bitten by mosquitoes. The average cost per year of the TruCare Mosquito Defense package is $464.70.
  3. Tree and Shrub Care: This package is just for your trees and shrubs and leaves the lawn that they’re growing on in your capable hands. Trugreen charges $709.65 per year to come out and take care of your trees and shrubs for you.
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