How to Make Hydrangeas Bloom

A garden full of hydrangeas flowers and plants

Hydrangeas are beautiful…but you can only appreciate their true beauty if they bloom. We’ll show you how to encourage yours to show off their flowers.

How to Plant Hydrangeas in Pots

A flowering blue hydrangeas houseplant

Hydrangeas in pots are extremely versatile and can be used to add vibrance to many different spaces. How do you grow one successfully in a pot?

Hydrangea Care Guide

Blooming lilac flowers of hydrangeas

Hydrangeas add a vibrant splash of color to a garden. Need help growing them?

Hydrangea Identification Guide

A garden full of blooming purple hydrangeas

Knowing what type of hydrangea you have will help you know how to take care of it properly. What type do you have?

11 Tips for Pruning Hydrangeas

A man holding a plant cutter, pruning flowers

Overpruning is one of the most common reasons you may not be getting proper blooms. Are you pruning correctly?

7 Hydrangea Companion Plants

blue hydrangeas flower in the garden

Hydrangeas grow best when grown near other beneficial plants. Which companion plants should you consider growing?

Best Fertilizers for Hydrangeas

Healthy hydrangeas will have robust root systems from proper nutrients

Using the appropriate fertilizer is important for success when growing hydrangeas. Are you using the right ones?