How to Divide Daylilies

flowers and buds of a yellow daylily

Daylilies should be divided from time to time and they can be expanded to other parts of the garden. How do you do it properly?

How to Deadhead Daylilies

White deadhead daylilies

Daylilies are beautiful when they are blooming, but their flowers eventually wilt. How do you deadhead them?

How to Plant Daylilies

Yellow daylilies in the garden

Daylilies are beautiful summer perennials that can add color to your garden. How do you plant it?

Do Daylilies Need Full Sun

beautiful red orange daylily flower

Daylilies need the right amount of sun to thrive. Do they need full sun though?

How to Care for Daylilies

Colorful daylilies in the garden

Caring for daylilies is not difficult, but by providing optimal conditions, you will maximize blooms. Are you caring for it correctly?