7 Sunflower Plant Companion Plants

Sunflowers grow best when planted near other beneficial plants. What companion plants should you consider growing near it?

Sunflowers are traditional flowers, and their majestic height and bright blossoms add elegance to the environment. But they also make great companion plants since their size enables them to provide shade for other plants, and their large blossoms attract pollinators.

Sunflowers are excellent companions for a number of plants because of their size (which makes them shade providers) and their capacity to attract pollinators.

Although sunflowers are excellent plants on their own, they perform much better when combined with one of these seven plants.

1. Cucumbers

These two plants get along well since they have similar watering needs and soil requirements. Cucumber seedlings will have strong stems to climb if you plant them among sunflowers when they are around 12 inches tall. Large leaves on cucumbers keep the soil shaded, cool, and weed-free.

Some even claim that planting sunflowers together with cucumbers increases the number of seeds and vegetables that the two plants produce.

two grown cucumbers in the garden

2. Nasturtiums

Sunflowers are always an excellent match for nasturtiums.

Nasturtiums begin by spreading out over the ground, where they serve as a cooling cover, provide shade for the soil, and stifle weed growth. The blooms attract beneficial pollinators like bees and butterflies while keeping out harmful ones like cucumber beetles and whiteflies. 

Sunflowers look fantastic with flowers that sport orange, red, and yellow colors. Nasturtiums, in turn, thrive when planted underneath the enormous sunflower blossoms since they can withstand some shade.

beautiful bright yellow flowers in the backyard

3. Garlic

Garlic is well known for its strong aroma, which keeps many bothersome pests away from other plants.

Sunflowers are protected from animals like squirrels and deer, who love to eat sunflower seeds, by alliums planted alongside them because of the strong garlic smell, which repels them.

growing garlic plants with hay on the ground

4. Beans

One of the greatest plants to grow with sunflowers is beans. Sunflowers draw a lot of nitrogen from the soil, which must be replaced. Beans restore nitrogen to the soil, so the overall health of the soil is kept balanced.

5. Crimson Clover

Sunflowers and crimson clover make a wonderful pairing. This blooming groundcover entices both pollinators and pest-predator insects, which are good for the garden. Clover crowds out tall weeds that try to compete with budding sunflower plants, so it provides natural weed control. Being an annual, crimson clover is simple to manage by trimming it back. 

Last but not least, clover has the ability to add nitrogen into the soil, giving sunflower plants an essential element for their growth.

bee on beautiful red crimson clover plant

6. Pumpkins

Another well-liked sunflower companion plant is the pumpkin. The dirt surrounding the sunflowers’ roots may be used to grow these spreading plants, creating the ideal garden picture for fall. 

The enormous pumpkin leaves offer natural weed control and protect the ground from direct sunlight, which helps prevent moisture from evaporating too rapidly in the hot summer months. Sunflowers are also a great asset to pumpkins since they attract pollinators, which are essential to fertilize the pumpkin blossoms.

7. Basil 

If it becomes too hot, basil will bolt. Basil plants may be shaded in the middle of the summer and kept producing for longer if they are planted underneath sunflowers. In return for beneficial shade, basil can effectively ward off any insects that might harm your sunflowers.

A wonderful example of how to create the best food garden is to plant basil, tomatoes, and peppers all at once with your sunflowers.

shiny green leaves of basil plant
Phillis Butler
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