Do Strawberries Need Full Sun

Strawberries need the right amount of sun to flourish. Do they need full sun though?

It is all about location, location, location. This statement is not only true for real estate but also in determining whether or not you will have a successful strawberry patch. 

This article will consider the sun requirements of strawberry plants and how they affect the plant’s fruit production. 

What is Full Sun?

The concept of full sun is relatively straightforward for most of us, but understanding the different degrees of shade may be more challenging. Full sun is defined as having direct summer sunlight for at least six to eight hours daily. Most sunlit areas are open and prairie-like in the wild, such as meadows. Full sun, as we call it in our backyards, is defined as receiving at least six hours of sunlight daily.

a new batch of strawberries planted in the garden

How Many Hours of Sun Do Strawberries Need?

Strawberries need full sun to create fruit. They need at least six hours of direct sunshine each day, but ideally, they should be exposed to ten or more hours of sunlight daily.

Can They Grow in Indirect Light?

Strawberries can survive in indirect light, but this will not produce a robust plant that makes a lot of fruit. If your garden only gets indirect light, there is a chance that your strawberry plants may have growth issues and not reach their full potential.

a red strawberry growing in the garden

Can They Grow in Shade?

Strawberry plants grown in the shade are less productive than those grown in full sun, so what a shaded yard needs isn’t the cultivated strawberry we’ve grown accustomed to eating. As an alternative, you could search for a wild strawberry type that can tolerate some shade.

Alpine strawberries come to mind while discussing wild strawberries for shade. Alpine strawberries grow untamed at the edges of woods in Europe, North and South America, Northern Asia, and Africa. Strawberries that tolerate shade are low maintenance and suitable for USDA zones 3 to 10.

Can Strawberries Get Too Much Sun

Avoid exposing the strawberry fruit to the sun as much as possible. Although strawberries thrive when exposed to a lot of sunshine, the fruit may be damaged by excessive heat. Too much sun can cause gardens full of pale pink strawberries that never turn red. Sunburn is the most common cause of this condition.

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