13 Varieties of Roses to Grow in Full Sun

Rose varieties add a pop of color and romance to any garden. Which varieties can grow in full sun?

Are you a rose lover looking to add color to your garden but are afraid roses wouldn’t do well in the bright areas? You might be surprised to learn that there are varieties that thrive in places with high light exposure without getting scorched.

This list of full-sun-tolerant roses will come in helpful when planning your garden.

Consider the Temperature

If you’re having difficulties getting a rose shrub to grow, first examine the temperature in your area. Roses do not grow well in temperatures above 90 degrees, especially if they are exposed to direct sunlight.

But if you are positive that the lack of growth is caused by too much direct sun, take a look at the list of species below. Most roses require 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight every day, but the varieties listed below may withstand even more.

13 Roses to Consider Growing

1. Crimson Bouquet

“Crimson Bouquet” features magnificent ruby-red blooms that are gently fragrant from early summer to early autumn. The blooms make excellent cut flowers. The foliage is dark green and evergreen. The oval compound leaves turn yellow in the autumn.

Crimson red roses in the garden

2. St. Patrick

In warm conditions, the saintly yellow of “St. Patrick” may appear gold, but as temperatures rise, it will turn green. Hundreds of new chartreuse-colored buds spiral open to show stunning golden yellow blooms that last an extraordinary amount of time. The leaf is a grey-green color. Heat brings out the most vibrant color and shape.

Full bloom St. Patrick yellow rose

3. Henry Fonda

“Henry Fonda” produces lovely, lightly scented yellow blooms with gold eyes at the tips of the stems from early summer to mid-October. The blooms are well suited for cutting.. The foliage is dark green and evergreen. In the autumn, the glossy oval compound leaves do not change color.

4. Marilyn Monroe

The variety “Marilyn Monroe” is as well-known as its namesake. The creamy apricot color is continuous from the long, pointed buds to the beautiful open flowers. This rose is great for bouquets or displays because of its extended vase life and lovely bloom shape.

peachy yellow marilyn monroe rose

5. Julia Child

The “Julia Child” cultivar is well-known for its rich blooms and licorice-like scent. It’s a small rose that’s commonly grown in pots. It bears three-inch-diameter double blossoms with delicate golden petals.

A blooming julie child rose

6. Double Delight

This hybrid tea rose is one of the most easily identified varieties, with creamy white flowers tinted with strawberry red. Every flower is unique. This species is good for bedding because of its lovely, bushy growth. The scent is powerful and spicy.

Double delight pink and white rose

7. Honey Bouquet

“Honey Bouquet” is a deciduous shrub with thorny stems and pinnate leaves divided into semi-glossy, serrated, dark-green leaflets. It produces clusters of fragrant, fully double, light-yellow blossoms from late spring until October.

Rose honey flower yet to full bloom

8. Jean Giono

This variety produces magnificent double, 4- to 5-inch flowers with a light scent on a disease-resistant three-foot shrub. The blossoms are either orange or peach in color. The stems are short and covered in thorns.

9. Black Cherry

“Black Cherry” is a showstopper with its wonderfully formed double blooms. If deadheaded quickly, this rose will produce stems with large clusters of flowers that create wonderful bouquets. “Black Cherry” is a low-maintenance rose that works well as a container plant, low hedge, or border accent. This plant is disease-resistant and heat-tolerant, making it an excellent choice for warmer climates. 

10. Valencia

“Valencia” is a robust, healthy shrub with large, showy blooms. This rose offers a beautiful range of colors, from amber to rich orange-gold. Its blossoms have a pleasant smell that you will appreciate.

11. Chrysler Imperial

The deep, rich rose scent and velvety crimson petals of “Chrysler Imperial” continue to enchant people everywhere. The large, shapely blooms stand out against the erect stems clothed in dark matte-green leaves. It is resistant to high heat.

A beautiful red tea rose flower

12. Caldwell Pink

“Caldwell Pink” is an everblooming rose and a favorite among landscape designers. Its double, lilac-pink flowers make long-lasting clusters, and the compact bush fills out neatly with minimal trimming and maintenance. It is not picky about soil conditions; however, it thrives in sunny open spaces.

Blooming cadwell pink rose

13. Red Cascade

“Red Cascade” is a vigorous and disease-resistant climber that produces large clusters of deep red 1-inch blossoms from late spring to autumn. It grows well on a trellis or a low fence.

Alaine Connolly
Alaine has been working way too hard in horticulture since 1992, beautifying golf courses, resorts, and hotels. She is a part time landscape designer who works full time caring for a 28,000 square foot public garden. At home, she maintains her own 400 square feet plot. Alaine lives in northern Illinois - zone 5b.
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