Thuja Occidentalis ‘Golden Globe’ Growth Rate

Golden Globe is a dwarf shrub thuja that has vibrant leaves. What growth rate shoul you expect?

Thuja occidentalis ‘Golden Globe’ is an arborvitae cultivar with lovely, vibrant, golden-yellow leaves. This evergreen dwarf shrub thrives in high-humidity environments. The golden yellow leaves of this little shrub enliven dark winter days, and it also matches well with other conifers and shrubs the rest of the year. The plant can be used as an accent in a tiny bed or as a group for a more dramatic effect.

Please continue reading to learn more about Thuja Occidentalis’ Golden Globe’s growth rate and how to optimize it!

How Fast Do They Grow

The height of a golden globe shrub may increase by three to four inches yearly.

a dwarf thuja occidentalis bush in the garden

Mature Size

Golden Globe arborvitae reaches maturity at less than 5 feet in height with a spread of up to 4 feet. Because of its relatively low maturity height and that it grows low to the ground, it is an excellent shrub for planting under powerlines. The shrub works well for filling in gaps between larger shrubs and plants.

Where Do They Grow Best?

Golden globe grows best in hardiness zones 3 to 7. It can also be successfully planted in zones 2 and 8. They do best on soils that are rich in nutrients, are uniformly wet throughout, are loamy, and have good drainage.

How Much Sun Do They Need?

Golden Globe needs full sun and shade, which means it thrives best when given at least four hours of unobstructed, unfiltered sunshine daily.

a bush of yellow thujas in the garden

Tips to Optimize Growth Speed

Golden Globe’s growth rate is slow to medium, usually less than 12 inches per year. However, you can somewhat expedite their growth by following the pointers below.

1. Plant Appropriately

The ideal location to plant a golden globe shrub allows the roots to expand freely and where the shrub’s branches can grow into its natural ball-like shape. 

It is advised to space plants 5 feet apart, whether bulk planting, planting in groups, or planting in rows. Golden Globe works well along sidewalks and foundations. It will need enough so that it doesn’t obstruct the sidewalk or have its growth limited by being too close to a structure.

2. Water Appropriately

During the first growing season, young plants typically need to be watered once a week; however, this frequency will vary depending on how much precipitation they get. A steady stream of water at a leisurely pace for an hour ought to accomplish the work. When you water a plant deeply, you encourage its roots to grow deeper into the soil, resulting in a more robust plant that can better withstand dry spells.

3. Prune Only when Necessary

A golden globe shrub requires just a moderate amount of upkeep. When pruning is needed, the best practice is to prune back just the current season’s new growth, except for removing any dieback that may have occurred. 

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